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Adeo Consulting Press publishes books and media related to the business of Adeo Consulting Ltd. Lead from You is our first book on Leadership and is available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes in Kindle, Paperback and Audiobook format. Click here to get the book.

How do you become the aware, authentic and emotionally intelligent leader needed to facilitate the trust, innovation, agility,  engagement and success that the fast changing environment of today demands? How do you develop the competencies that enable the heads up leadership style every organisation needs today, just to remain competitive?

Some leaders know about these requirements but struggle to find their way. These leaders understand intuitively that the way they lead now is unsustainable for them and for their people but cannot seem to change direction. Other leaders see their competition evolving, but keep their heads stuck in the sand, too uncomfortable with change to change.

Because we are often unknowingly guided by assumptions and biases, or too influenced by a culture when deciding how to lead, we can limit our capabilities as if blindfolded. We are often unaware of our conditioning, but with a little insight, choices open up for us so we can drop the   shackles that bind us to our one way thinking, emotions and behaviours. The clarity that comes from awareness allows us to operate with a purpose and authenticity that operates like a bright light, guiding us and our people through the fog of challenge and change.

Author of Lead From You, Aidan James Higgins BE MBA MSc(Psych) is a Leadership, Emotional Intelligence and Teamwork Specialist with over 30 years experience working with organisations of all sizes in various roles from Consultant to CEO. Working with world class teachers and some wonderful clients over the last 20 years he has gained a greater understanding of how people perform at their best. Aidan is also a certified Enneagram Teacher and a Master Practitioner of NLP, and he brings a very original and effective perspective to organisational leadership. For well over a decade now, he has been running leadership programs that develop Awareness, Authenticity and Emotional Intelligence in leaders and leadership teams from all levels of the public and private sectors. Leaders who engage with and implement the concepts he teaches often report life-changing insights, improved performance and greater success in achieving their goals.

Author Aidan James Higgins BE MBA MSc(Psych)